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Samir Hadade

Samir Hadade was born on 1st July 1968 in Paris, France, when the hippie movement was in full swing. During his childhood, life took him to Canada where he lived for 12 years. From his earliest memories, he lived against the backdrop of music artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Earth Wind and Fire – to name a very few. At the age of 7, he attended a Santana live concert where he discovered the drums. From that day onwards, Samir spent restless hours hitting pots, pans – and whatever surface may have produced a sound – with chopsticks and candy canes. He started studying drums more seriously in his early 20s after finishing his college degree in food & beverage management. Aside his early rock and funk influences, he discovered a deep connection with jazz and, especially, jazz drummers. His mother’s 10-year lover was, lucky enough, George Brown, the original drummer of the legendary guitarist Wes Montgomery. This relationship was essential in Samir’s development both from a technical point of view and a historical one. Some of his favourite drummers are: Vinnie Colaiuta, Horazio “El Negro” Hernandez, Steve Smith, Jack De Johnette, Billy Kilson, JoJo Mayer, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Brian Blade and Chris Dave. Over the past years Samir has been involved in different musical projects ranging from African beat and funk to pop and jazz. Today he lives in Torino where he is happily married with two children, keeping on pplaying the drums every day. In September 2014 he joins Smoke the Bees as their drummer.

What he says about Smoke the Bees

“I always try my best bringing my technical experience and cheerful attitude. These guys are fantastic. In rehearsal studios we have great fun and on stage we kick ass – what more could I ask for?”