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Lorenzo Rando

Lorenzo Rando was born on 20th December 1986 in Turin, Italy. Keen on cosmos and astrology, he holds up to his karma, which says he is destined to never ending changes. Lorenzo lived in his birthplace until the University times, where he graduated in Literature with a dissertation about Orwell and individual liberty, after which he completed a Master’s in Business in London. Some years of work experience in the UK and Saudi Arabia gave him the opportunity to finance his passion to travel across Europe and Africa. When he got back in 2010, he started out his career as a start-up entrepreneur between Italy and the UK. Today he is co-founder of Highflyers, a digital platform where top financial services companies can connect with the best talents in the industry. His passion for music is a natural instinct; his mother was a classical piano teacher and his father collects musical instruments. Lorenzo has been playing a variety of guitars since his early teens. He has always been a pro-active listener of diverse genres, organising his music collection into obsessive databases and innumerable playlists plus he never misses a good concert, being an active festival-trotter. Dedicated to innovation and experimentalism he has always sought the “next big thing”, writing about his findings in the music publishing “Shuffle” for the journal “Il Serale”. His music tastes are diverse, though historically his most inspiring bands have been Radiohead and Sparklehorse, and Jonny Greenwood his favourite guitarist. Although he had participated in other musical projects, Smoke the Bees has always been his most passionate project in which he is singer, lead guitarist, and songwriter.

What he says about Smoke the Bees

“Smoke the Bees is my way of expressing what we all feel. Not to tell people how I feel or how they should feel, but as a reflection of us all”.